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This bow tie is made of hot pink 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex and attaches to a collar by either an elastic band or velcro backing.


*Pricing changes with size..

  • Care Instructions

    Machine wash on delicates setting in delicates washing bag.  Air Dry.  

    Flowers are spot clean only.

    Do not let bow tie get wet on animal before first wash, as the color will bleed onto pet's fur/hair.  

  • Pet Sizing Chart

    Teacup Dogs 7 lbs. and most kittens
    Mini Cats, puppies and toys breeds 7-10 lbs.
    Small Dogs 10-18 lbs.
    Medium Dogs 18-30 lbs.
    Large Dogs 30-50 lbs.
    XL Dogs 50-70 lbs.
    2XL Dogs 70- 90 lbs.
    3XL Dogs over 90 lbs
    Flower One size fits most.

    *Pattern layouts may vary with size.

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