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Because this is what everone is feeling right now!  This bow tie is made of Performance Pique fabric and attaches to a collar by an elastic band that attaches to a collar by either an elastic band or velcro backing.  Comes in Mint and Mustard.


Flowers also available!


*Pricing changes with size.

  • Pet Sizing Chart

    Teacup Dogs 7 lbs. and most kittens
    Mini Cats, puppies and toys breeds 7-10 lbs.
    Small Dogs 10-18 lbs.
    Medium Dogs 18-30 lbs.
    Large Dogs 30-50 lbs.
    XL Dogs 50-70 lbs.
    2XL Dogs 70- 90 lbs.
    3XL Dogs over 90 lbs
    Flower One size fits most.

    *Pattern layouts may vary with size.

  • Care Instructions

    Washin in cool water on delicate cycle.  Machine dry on delicate cycles.

    Flowers are spot clean only. 

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